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Edgy and elegant, Devin Krista offers a fresh approach to jewelry design. Inspired by the elements of nature and everyday life, Devin Krista's creations reflect her unique view of the world and her ability to appreciate it's most minute details. By embracing the traditional processes of casting, hand forging, and enameling, each piece carries it's own unique signature. Incorporating other fine natural materials such as diamonds, pearls, fossils, carved bone, coral and semi precious stones, she infuses her work with rich colors and detailed textures that are sure to surprise and delight. Through the diversity in her designs, she hopes to provide both men and women with jewelry that expresses their individual tastes.


An artist to the core, Devin's active imagination has set her apart since childhood, fueling all of her endeavors since. While pursuing a degree in Architectural Design, she enrolled in a metalsmithing course and immediately fell in love. After achieving a fine arts degree in jewelry design and metalsmithing, she opened the doors to her business while continuing to refine and perfect her abilities, training with an array of master jewelers. Today she steadily pushes the boundaries of creative innovation, introducing new and exciting pieces to her extensive collection. Currently, her designs can be found in a growing number of boutiques across the U.S.